Proper Loading

Proper Loading

To avoid over loading tires, maintain the proper inflation pressure and never exceed the vehicle's load capacity, gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) stated on the vehicle tire placard, certification label or the vehicle owner’s manual. The vehicle load must also be distributed so that no individual axle, tire or dual assembly is over loaded.

The maximum load for each tire is molded on the tire sidewall (along with the maximum inflation pressure for that load). Never exceed the maximum limits on the tire or the rim/wheel.

For improved fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle weight as much as possible by removing unnecessary items from your cargo storage areas (in addition to keeping tires properly inflated).


Under inflation and/or over loading of a tire causes excessive heat build-up and internal structural damage. This may cause a tire failure, including tread/belt separation, even at a later date, which can lead to an accident and serious personal injury or death.

Over loading a vehicle can have other serious safety consequences such as suspension or wheel failure, increased braking distance or brake failure (particularly on steep grades), and adverse vehicle handling/stability.

Consult the vehicle tire placard, certification label and owner's manual for the recommended vehicle load limits and tire inflation pressures.


If you are replacing the original size tires with tires of a different size, the replacement tires must have a load carrying capacity and inflation pressure capability equal to or greater than the original equipment tires.

Towing a trailer: If you anticipate towing a trailer, you should see your tire service professional for advice concerning the correct tire size and inflation pressure. Tire size and inflation pressure depend upon the type and size of trailer and hitch utilized, but never exceed the maximum cold inflation pressure or the maximum tire load rating. The only sure way to prevent overload is to weigh, axle by axle, the fully-loaded vehicle on a reliable platform scale. Check the tire placard on the vehicle and the owner's manual supplied by the manufacturer of your vehicle for further recommendations on trailer towing.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for load recommendations and special instructions.

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